How to have a strong erection

It’s possible to have an incontinence attack at any time. It’s not uncommon and it can happen to anyone. If you want to avoid having problems, you might consider these tips that will help to maintain and have a stronger erection.

Room’s temperature. It may seem strange, but it can be harder to erection when you’re cold. The low temperature of the room is what causes this. In this situation, your body must retain heat and energy. The blood won’t circulate as much to the extremities (penis being one extremity). It is harder to erection because the blood does not reach the penis.

Because Libido is a defense mechanism, it cannot help you. You can help your partner by creating a comfortable temperature in the room. You can start by doing a longer foreplay. This will warm you up, and you should also bring a blanket to keep warm.

Alcohol. Alcohol. You could not be more wrong, especially if you consume a lot of alcohol. While a glass of wine can help to get rid of emotions or inhibitions, it will not help you have a stronger erection. If you suspect you may have an erection issue, it is best to avoid alcohol before you sex. You can still drink after sex, however.

Emotions. Emotions can be a major enemy to any man, especially when it is a new partner who must impress. Do not think about how comfortable you will feel in bed, whether it is something you like or not, or whether it will make him feel good. Relax and be you! Your partner should accept you as you are and not as the man in the adult movie that you just saw two days ago.

An average sex game lasts 15 minutes and not two hours like the movies. Let go of your emotions and let your partner enjoy the sex.

Fatigue. Fatigue and everyday stress can lead to problems in bed. You can lose your erection quickly if your mind is too tired. For outstanding performance in bed, it is important to get enough rest for your mind as well as your body.

Ejaculate. Ejaculate less often. It will be harder to achieve strong erections. When I say that, I mean just a few ejaculations per day. This is particularly true for men between the ages of 28 and 30 who don’t have as high a libido in their twenties. Your body will respond to your mind if you feel you don’t want to have sex. This can make it more difficult for you maintain strong erection.

It is important to take breaks in between sex sessions for a strong, long-lasting erection. If you had sex today, your next sex game should take place in two days. Erectile dysfunction, such as premature ejaculation, is a condition in which men deliberately ejaculate prior to penetration. This is because they believe that the second erection would be more successful. Although you may be able to ejaculate for 5 minutes more than before, the erection won’t be as strong. The penis will be softer, which will result in a weaker erection.

Sexual positions. If you have trouble maintaining an erection, sexual positions may be a good option. The majority of men enter the missionary position. This position can put a lot on your penis and cause you to ejaculate quicker than you would prefer. You should find a position that doesn’t cause you to ejaculate within the first few minutes.

If your relationship is not working, say goodbye!

There will be times in any relationship where we are unhappy. If you find yourself in such a position and feel like your relationship is not working anymore, you might consider ending it. Here are the steps to saying goodbye to your partner.

Specialists say that frequent quarrels and lack of affection are the two most common reasons for breakups. If you find yourself arguing over the smallest of things and your evidence of affection diminishes, you might want to consider whether you would like to remain in such a relationship. You are all unhappy, and you don’t deserve a miserable life with the wrong partner.

It doesn’t matter if you think you’ll hurt your partner’s feelings. In this instance, you can be selfish and only think about yourself. Are you ready to remain in the relationship? Are you confident that you can solve any problems? Answer some questions to find out if you can make compromises and stay close with your partner. Sex like can be an inspiration to you.

In this instance, the partner’s feelings should not be considered first. You are the only one who can make you happy. It’s wrong to stay with someone just because he loves you. To be happy in a relationship, you must also consider your feelings.

It is best to discuss the issue with your doctor if you have made the decision that you are not fit anymore. You can make a list of what you don’t like about your relationship and what has changed.

Specialists recommend that you have a “break” period during which you can’t be with each other. You can determine if you still feel for one another, if you are happier together, and if it is worth giving yourself another chance.

According to relationship specialists, you should not be afraid of loneliness. You don’t have be afraid to leave a lot friends behind if you split with your partner.

It isn’t always easy or painful to feel lonely. You now have more time to spend with the girls you used to ignore lately.

A new beginning is something you should not be afraid to try. Maybe you don’t have to be open about your feelings to someone you aren’t familiar with. You will feel butterflies again, and maybe you will fall in love with the right person.

When do you regret sex?

Both men and women will regret a sexual experience, or lack thereof, at one point. Let’s look at our regrets about sex.

Partner inappropriate

Specialized studies show that women regret choosing the wrong partner for their sexual needs. However, men believe they know how to pick their partners but have not lived up to their expectations. Men believe that tracking is more important than having sex. If the sex wasn’t enjoyable, it won’t happen again.

One-night adventures

One-night stands are often regretted by women, particularly if they find themselves in the bed of a man after drinking. Men, on the other hand, almost never regret having an affair because they believe the more women they have, the more experience.

Sex in 3

According to the same research, women who agree to sex in three just to please their boyfriend will regret it later, especially if they are cheated on or if their relationship ends. Men have no regrets. They see sex in 3 as an extension of their sexual experiences that they will happily repeat if asked.


Women who lose their virginity while they are young and have an unstable partner will regret it later. The study found that women who were able to have sexual contact with a stable partner will not regret their decision to lose their virginity. Only men will regret losing their virginity later than their friends.


If there is one thing men regret it is their shyness when they are young. They realize that their shyness as adolescents has cost them a lot of sexual opportunities. They will recover in their youth.

To avoid regretting your sexual life, think twice about going to bed with someone. First, get to know the man beside you. Then, enjoy his company. Finally, go on a few dates to start having sex.

My best friend fell in love with my boyfriend


My name is Alexa and I’m twenty-years old. I believe my best friend fell for my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and I have been together for nine months. We met in college, where we completed our first year.

Maria is my best friend and I have known each other since childhood. We have never been apart except for college when we chose different paths.

Maria knew my boyfriend before we were together. She never said that she was attracted to him. Maria did have a boyfriend at that time, but they had an argument. For about a month, I feel like she was in love with my boyfriend. I don’t know what to do.

She asks me all the time what I’m doing. She even plans outings with 3 of us (her, my boyfriend and her) to coffee shops or clubs. It was hard to believe that she was having a bad time. She had broken up with her boyfriend, and she didn’t want to be alone.

However, I am struck by her caring and open-mindedness. She is also interested in his personal life, is curious about it, and flirts with him. It isn’t surprising that no one has been able to find the perfect solution. It’s just me trying to ruin my relationship with my boyfriend and best friend.

What should I do next? What should I do? Should I first talk to my girlfriend and confront her? Or talk to my boyfriend directly and express my fears to him? Because I care deeply about him, I don’t think they could be together.

However, I feel that Maria isn’t really my friend because she can feel for my boyfriend. Isn’t it important to her that we be friends? Is there any way to save my friendship and love?

“I want to thank you from the bottom my heart!”

Why are vibrators the most popular sex toys for women?

Vibrators are becoming a favorite sex toy for women.

This sexuality isn’t restricted by gender, age or sexual orientation. Masturbation is not taboo anymore, so more teens and women are trying these sex toys daily.

The vibrators were designed in strict accordance to female psychology so that they resemble a human penis in appearance as well as sensation.

This sex toy has been used by both partners and women alone since time immemorial. It is a great tool for sex.

You can either satisfy your wildest fantasies with a vibrator that suits your needs and preferences or you can invite your partner to join you in a thrilling sex game.

According to research in the field, many single women resort to a dildo to avoid having sex with someone they don’t trust. They are protected against sexually transmitted diseases, and can have intense orgasm any time and anywhere, which will relieve them of all the stress and make them happy.

Sites offer a selection of vibrators that are suitable for women and do not cause irritations or allergies. Which one will you choose?

Vibrators from the past

We have a few more classic vibrators that you might be familiar with. The lubricator and lubricant, vibrator with special format, oral sex stimulators, vibrator with lubricant and the mini vibrator are just a few of the many options. This vibrator attempts to replicate the exact shape, color and “attributes,” of a penis. It is a popular choice among women. You will be happy that they are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Anal vibrators

Anal sex has become a common practice. The anal vibrator can help you enjoy this pleasure if you are able to do so. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns. An anal ball vibrator, or an anal vibrator can be used to intensify your pleasure. If your partner is also a fan of these innovations, then a prostate stimulator with powerful vibrations is the perfect gift. It will surely lead to an amazing orgasm.

Clitoral vibrators

These toys can give you intense vaginal and clitoral orgasm. Either a vibrator stimulates the clitoris or the G-spot, but you can also choose a discreet, simple to use vibrator like the finger vibrator.

Double vibrators

These vibrators are specifically designed to give you intense vaginal oral sensations. We invite you to check out this pink vibrator. If your fantasies include your partner, you could opt for simultaneous stimulation for unforgettable games.

Sets of erotic toys

Nothing is better than a set of erotic toys, which include vibrators, sleeves and other fun accessories.

The products are meant for everyone, and the materials they are made from are not dangerous. This is very important for your health. You can also choose from many textures (ribbed, convex or veined), and materials.

You only need to choose the vibrator that best suits your needs and all of your dreams can become a reality.