One-night adventures

When do you regret sex?

Both men and women will regret a sexual experience, or lack thereof, at one point. Let’s look at our regrets about sex.

Partner inappropriate

Specialized studies show that women regret choosing the wrong partner for their sexual needs. However, men believe they know how to pick their partners but have not lived up to their expectations. Men believe that tracking is more important than having sex. If the sex wasn’t enjoyable, it won’t happen again.

One-night adventures

One-night stands are often regretted by women, particularly if they find themselves in the bed of a man after drinking. Men, on the other hand, almost never regret having an affair because they believe the more women they have, the more experience.

Sex in 3

According to the same research, women who agree to sex in three just to please their boyfriend will regret it later, especially if they are cheated on or if their relationship ends. Men have no regrets. They see sex in 3 as an extension of their sexual experiences that they will happily repeat if asked.


Women who lose their virginity while they are young and have an unstable partner will regret it later. The study found that women who were able to have sexual contact with a stable partner will not regret their decision to lose their virginity. Only men will regret losing their virginity later than their friends.


If there is one thing men regret it is their shyness when they are young. They realize that their shyness as adolescents has cost them a lot of sexual opportunities. They will recover in their youth.

To avoid regretting your sexual life, think twice about going to bed with someone. First, get to know the man beside you. Then, enjoy his company. Finally, go on a few dates to start having sex.